At Diaz Isshinryu Karate & Kobudo LLC we are experts in Traditional Martial Arts Education for children, adults, teens, and families! We teach a Character development program that focuses on Confidence, Respect, Focus, Balance, Self-control, and Self Discipline.

Our Family orientated school encourages parents will find themselves easily encouraged to take an active role in the school (Dojo) though the classes that we offer and family events.

Karate and Cardio classes are fun yet challenging to both the body and mind while learning self-defense skills that will enable you to defend yourself in any situation as well as strengthening your body and increasing flexibility. Whatever your current level of fitness is we help you set goals to help you achieve great health or your black belt.

Whether it is learning Karate, self-defense, or getting in shape, building self-confidence or discipline our school delivers on what we say we do.

Students stay at our school because our core value programs improve our student’s lives.

When the people of Lawrence come to Diaz Isshinryu Karate & Kobudo LLC to learn martial arts, they don’t just receive training, but a staff that is dedicated to helping them improve themselves.

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Meet The Team

Sensei Diaz

    Senpai Dawn Hewitt

    Kohai Dasiah

    Kid Kickboxing

    this class will challenge your body.

    If you are looking for a good challenge, to get your Child in chape for the new year's resolution in full effect then this is your class from cardio Kickboxing, to plyometrics workouts. you're in control of your body 

    let's do this don't wait    

    2 Puzzle Lane unit # 1, Newton, NH. 03858 E-mail: diazissinryu@gmail.com Tel: 603- 382-0406

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