Isshinryu KARATE

It is a traditional martial art originated in Okinawa, Japan by grandmaster Tatsuo Shimabuku.

Here the practitioner will learn the fundamentals of traditional karate plus the discipline to stay focus, get stronger, and above all respect one another.

Little Samurai

Little Dragons is a program designed to improve remote skills, balance, focus, listening skills, and respect to prepare them into the future with confidence and valor. 

Cardio Kickboxing
Cardio Kickboxing


It is a workout that combines aerobics, cardiovascular, and body toning while learning self-defense tactics. Participants will improve strength, muscle tone endurance, reduce body fat and stress levels.


Vince Lombardi

Kid Kickboxing

this class will challenge your body.

If you are looking for a good challenge, to get your Child in chape for the new year's resolution in full effect then this is your class from cardio Kickboxing, to plyometrics workouts. you're in control of your body 

let's do this don't wait    

Power Health 

This Weight training class will

challenge your body.

If you are looking for a good challenging muscle class this is the one this class is for all fitness levels two days a week you will shred your body and increase your strength like never before. 



Here you will learn the traditional weapons like Bo(staff), Sai, Tonphas, kamas, Eku (row padle) 

from basic to advance tecniques that will aloud you to become one with the weapon. 

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